Consulting courses

Consulting courses

Our courses are:

1. Introduction to FPGA technics

This course gives you a perfect entry into the modern technology of FPGA-programmig from the hardware basics to implementation. Newest programming technology for complex FPGAs are introduced.

2. Design and verification of DSP algorithms with XILINX tools

The implementation of fast DSP algorithms in powerful FPGAs requires complex software-tools which functionality are decribed in this course. We set a high value on design-entries with VHDL, Schematics and the graphical programming with Matlab/Simulink and XILINX System Generator.

3. Modular Graphical Programming (MGP) with XILINX-Schematics

In the centre of this course stands the graphical programming of FPGA-applications. We describe the fast introduction in programming with Schematics and the use of complex function blocks. The course completed with application examples and a guidance to programm function blocks yourself.

4. Application building with MicroBlaze modules

System-on-chip-designs contain moduls, which are unfavorable to program with DSP-Algorithmen. For this part is the XILINX 32 bit RISC processor (MicroBlaze) as a loadable core the ideal solution. This course explains the basics and the programmig of the processor as well as powerful extentions (e.g. serial, ethernet).

Your advantages:

Fast entry and short training period A concentrated knowledge transfer and scalable structuring courses enables you a fast entry with a very short training period.

Dynamic choice You can define the complexity and degree of difficulty of every course fully free.

Day 1: Course – General introduction into complex of themes
Day 2: Advanced course – Enhancement of themes with application examples
Day 3: Application course – User oriented education to the course theme
Day 4: Application course – Application programming

Latest technology You learn to work with latest 90 nm technology (Spartan-3) resp. established designs with modern Spartan IIE – technology.

Training material Every course paticipant gets a complete set speciall writed out training material, which can later used as reference book.

Participation certificate As confirmation of participation at our courses, every participant gets an participation certificate, which is signed by the lecturer.