EMC Led Lamps

The EMC-resistant, dimmable (optional) and low-emission LED lights and drivers are the ideal LED lighting system for EMC and test labs, as well as generally interference-sensitive environments. With a wide performance range, very high color rendering quality and low heat generation, this LED lighting system already stands out from the conventional mass of LED lamps.

  • LED lights or spotlights for EMC laboratories, test fields and general environments
  • selectable power, depending on application (8 to over 200 W)
  • different number of LEDs depending on power (1, 4, 16, 32 power LEDs)
  • minimal EMC interference from the luminaire
  • very high color rendering value Ra (CRI) of 97 typ
  • high luminous flux 850 lm to over 25,000 lm per luminaire
  • high efficiency, thus lower heat load (107… 115 lm/W)
  • Supply voltage luminaire: 31… 35 V
  • the drivers and LED lights are specially matched to each other
  • developed and manufactured in Ilmenau, Germany
  • Light color: 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K (Ra = 97), 5000 K and 6500 K on request
  • Opening angle of the reflectors: 15°, 30°, 40° an d 80°
  • different housing colors possible (black as standard)
  • optionally dimmable: 10 % to 100 %
Additional services:
  • Cable extensions for LED luminaires
  • installation services
  • Planning and lighting calculations
  • EMC-proof camera system with pan-tilt head

In the download area you will find a detailed product description.

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