Hardware and software development

Our electronic development division is your partner for the development and production of custom-tailored hardware and software. Our development team, consisting of experienced development engineers, software engineers, lay-out specialists and technicians, insures customer-oriented development of electronic components and systems, from circuit design to prototype production. Our in-house EMC measurement lab and highly qualified EMC specialists enable EMC measurements and EMC evaluations in each phase of development.

We program pure software algorithms for you in C, C++, Agilent VEE and Matlab/Simulink for PC technology.

If the software solution proves to be to slow or too large, or too cumbersome on PC technology based today’s hardware, then we can develop FPGA designs from software algorithms.

We develop the suitable hardware solution with optimal performance for your problem. In this regard however it is advantageous to modify existing elements and products from our company that can be optimized for your design requirements.

The most modern representatives of programmable hardware can have over 1000 programmable inputs/outputs, up to 10 million gates, clock speeds up to 300 MHz, and 4 hardware IBM 405 Power PCs. Programming the chips in hardware and software is increasingly more complex, extensive, and the development time is constantly being shortened. For this we develop and use IP-Cores

Optimal hardware-software-codesign is required when using soft processors (PicoBlaze, MicroBlaze) and hardware processors (IBM Power PC) in FPGAs. We have the know-how to develop a cost-optimized solution as a combination of hardware and software.