FPGA Design

FPGA Design

Even today, fast signal processing in real time, particularly image processing, presents hardware challenges that cannot be overcome with the available computing technology. Implementation of special hardware (FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array) is required for this

We develop high-performance algorithms for control devices and for intelligent cameras with XILINX FPGAs.

The application of CPLDs/FPGAs has al lot of advantages to other solutions.

At the Design flow the idea brought in from the concept- and verification levels to the target hardware. Former at smaller integrated circuits the design entered as a wiring diagram. Today are used higher programming languages for hardware description as line oriented programming (VHDL) or as graphical programming on a higher level of abstraction (Matlab/Simulink).

A great advantage of the design flow with Matlab/Simulink consists in the possibility, before detailed synthesis and implementation, to simulate the funktionalities bit- and cycle correct. Therewith is it possible to make correct statements about the function of the hardware, even if it is not existent or built in future.