Light control LS400LED

Light control LS400 LED

Variant for 19″ rack

The AVT light control LS400 LED controls 230V LED lamps with 0-400 W through modular, intelligently clocked power supplies with FPGAs.

Officially non-dimmable LED lamps can also be dimmed with the LS400 LED.

  • Modular controller for supplying 230 V LED lamps with total outputs from 0 to 400 W with FPGA control.
  • Provides an easy to install and maintain solution for your lighting tasks.
  • Dims the amplitude of the voltage and current of the lighting circuit.
  • Is set to the voltage and power of the connected luminaires.
  • Switches the lights on according to a selectable characteristic (soft start 2 s to 4 min).
  • Can be controlled with standard button switches (also electrically isolated).
  • Turn back on again automatically after a power failure or disconnection from the mains.
  • When an over temperature is detected, the brightness (power) of the lighting is automatically reduced by the device in order to reduce the power consumption and thus the device temperature.
  • 230V LED light source (filament LED, spotlights, …)
  • Health monitor
  • 19 “subrack with fan
  • 19 “cabinets for various power levels
  • Wiring and installation
  • Planning and tendering support