Light control LS1100

Licht control LS1100

Variant for 19″ rack

The AVT light control LS1100 controls serially connected LV halogen lamps and LEDs through modular, intelligently clocked power supplies with FPGAs. The maximum power of series connection per cassette is 900 W for low-voltage halogen lamps and up to 200 W for LEDs.

  • controls the voltage and current of the lamp circuit
  • operation of the lights according to selectable switch-on characteristics (object monitoring possible)
  • automatic restart after power failure
  • switches off automatically when a short circuit is detected
  • reduces the performance to a thermally stable level when temperatures are too high
  • requires a bypass (AVT BP-II) for each light source in order to maintain the series connection of the light circuit if one light source fails
  • operating mode 1: Electronic switching controller for LV halogen lamps in series connection
  • operating mode 2: Electronic switching controller for LED passage lighting with the same connected load in series connection
  • operating mode 3 (optional): Electronic switching controller for LED emergency power operation with the same connected load in series connection with definable output power for the required brightness
Technical specifications:
  • max. total power: 1100W
  • input voltage AC in: 220…240 V AC, 50…60 Hz
  • input voltage AC/DC in: 100…290 V AC / 100…250 V DC
  • input current: 4,5 A
  • ambient temperature: 0-40 °C without air circulation
  • output voltage: 0-220V AC/DC regulated
  • output current: constant current adjustable 0-4.2A
  • number of lights: 3-18 with mandatory lights
  • load halogen: min. 40W, max. 900W
  • load LED: min. 4 W, max. 200 W
  • efficiency: >90%