XILINX Spartan-3

The World's Lowest Cost Per Gate, and the Lowest Cost Per I/O

Xilinx, the leader in programmable logic, once again redefines the FPGA. The Spartan™-3 FPGA family, built on the success of four previous generations of cost-optimized Spartan FPGAs, offers platform capabilities with a wide range of I/O and density options. Get fast time-to-market and low unit cost - avoid the long development time and the high NRE cost of ASICs.

  • Eight devices ranging from 50K to 5M system gates
  • Up to 1.8 Mbits of Block RAM
  • From 124 to 784 I/O pins - a wide range of I/Os in each logic density
  • Digital clock management - to simplify and strengthen your designs
  • Embedded 18x18 multipliers to support high-performance DSP applications.
  • ISE productivity tools slash your design time
  • ChipScope Pro system debugging environment
  • DSP development tools such as System Generator for DSP as well as tools from The MathWorks and Cadence
  • A wide range of soft cores, including PCI plus high-speed differential signaling with LVDS.
  • Forward error correction and high-performance interfaces
  • Xilinx 32-bit MicroBlaze™ and 8-bit PicoBlaze™ soft processors
  • IP migration capability from previous-generation Spartan designs.

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