XILINX Virtex-7


Virtex-7 FPGAs deliver up to 2 million logic cells and more than 5TMACS DSP throughput. These resources enable massively parallel data processing architectures that perform more work with each clock cycle. With up to 88 advanced serial transceivers, Virtex-7 FPGAs offer more than 4Tbps of serial bandwidth. These capabilities enable new levels of processing performance for advanced RADAR, high-performance computing, and advanced medical imaging systems.

Virtex-7 T devices
deliver unprecedented levels of capacity and performance enabling ASIC prototyping, emulation and replacement
Virtex-7 XT devices
offer the highest processing bandwidth with high performance transceivers, DSP and BRAM
Virtex-7 HT devices
with integrated 28Gb/s serial transceivers offer an unprecedented 2.78Tb/s of serial bandwidth

  • 16 x 28 Gb/s transceivers to create a singlechip FPGA solution for 400G line cards
  • Up to 2M logic cell capacity for building massively parallel high-performance circuits
  • Up to 6.7TMACS throughput enabled by advanced DSP slice architecture
  • The power of programmability for rapid development, integration, and deployment
  • 28nm high- metal gate (HKMG) HPL process reduces core power by 50%
  • 0.9V core voltage option for even lower power
  • 12.5 Gb/s GTX transceivers for broad support of mainstream serial protocols
  • 13.1 Gb/s GTH transceivers support the 25% overhead for FEC standards for proprietary interfaces and full 10GBASE-KR compliance
  • 28.05 Gb/s GTZ transceivers support next-generation optics
  • Obtain assured compliance with popular standards such as 10/40/100G Ethernet, PCI Express, OC-48, XAUI, SRIO, and HD-SDI
  • Implement 1.6 Gb/s LVDS interfaces with enhanced SelectIO technology that reduces I/O power by up to 50%
  • Build up to eight 72-bit interfaces for DDR3 memory (up to 1,866 Mbps)
  • Interface to legacy devices with 3.3V-capable I/O

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