XILINX Kintex-7


Kintex-7 FPGAs let designers build in superior bandwidth and 12-bit digitally programmable analog while meeting cost and power requirements. 144GMACS digital signal processor (DSP) power makes the Kintex-7 devices an excellent option for applications such as portable ultrasound equipment and next-generation communications. Kintex-7 FPGAs deliver peak serial bandwidth (full duplex) of 800Gbps. The programmable Kintex-7 devices can also be easily reconfigured to support multiple air interfaces. For interfacing to host systems, the Kintex-7 FPGA family provides built-in support for eight-channels of PCI Express (Gen1/Gen2)

  • 639MHz DSP48E1 slices with high-performance filtering capabilities
  • Six-input look-up table
  • 1833Mbps memory interfaces
  • LVDS connectivity at 1.6G
  • Up to 1,920 DSP slices
  • Package optimized to line rate performance
  • Dedicated hard IP implementation of the memory Phy
  • A flexible, soft controller enabled by high-performance logic for calibration, access methods, and system interfaces
  • High-speed PCI Express hard and soft IP
  • Integrated hard IP for PCI Express, with full support for PCI Express endpoint and root port configurations
  • Hard IP support for up to eight PCI Express Gen1 and Gen2 channels
  • Soft IP support for up to eight PCI Express Gen3 channels
  • Family price points each maximize throughput (6.6Gbps and 12.5Gbps transceivers)
  • Regular flip-chip BGA packaging offering highest signal integrity
  • Up to 32 high-speed GTX transceivers (12.5Gbps line rates)
  • Minimize costs with bare-die flip-chip BGA packaging
  • HPL process cuts power in half compared to alternative 28nm High-Performance (HP) process
  • Low 1.0V core voltage (optional 0.9V core voltage option for some devices)
  • Additional power reductions from intelligent clock gating and partial reconfiguration

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