XILINX Virtex-4

Breakthrough Performance at the Lowest Cost

Xilinx has once again set the standard for high-performance FPGAs. The Virtex-4™ family of platform FPGAs provides the most advanced logic, highest performance, highest density, and greatest memory capacity. With 200,000 logic cells, 500 MHz performance, and unrivaled system features, the Virtex-4 devices deliver twice the density, twice the performance, and half the power consumption of any other FPGA family.

Multiple Platforms-Freedom to Choose

The Virtex-4 family offers three platforms with a total of seventeen devices tailored to the requirements of different application domains. Our multiple platforms enable you to select the device that most cost-effectively implements your unique application; you pay only for the capabilities you need.

LX - High-performance logic
Highest logic-to-feature ratio
Highest I/O-to-feature ratio
SX - Ultra-high-performance signal processing
Highest DSP-to-feature ratio
Highest memory-to-feature ratio
FX - Embedded processing and high-speed serial connectivity
Embedded IBM PowerPC™ processor and Ethernet MAC
RocketIO™ multi-gigabit serial transceivers

  • Simplify source-synchronous interfacing with ChipSync technology built into every I/O
  • Support the widest range of serial I/O standards with 24 full duplex RocketIO transceivers and pre-verified IP
  • Simplify board design with XCITE active I/O termination (series, parallel, differential) technology
  • Build area-efficient, high-performance embedded systems or complex control functions with hard and soft processor cores
  • Design with embedded IBM PowerPC 405 processors
  • Simplify hardware acceleration and co-processing with the new Auxiliary Processor Unit (APU) controller for the PowerPC processor
  • Select from a variety of soft IP cores, including 32-bit MicroBlaze processor, 8-bit PicoBlaze controller, IBM CoreConnect busses, and peripherals developed by Xilinx and partners
  • Solve multi-channel and ultra-high-performance DSP challenges with the new XtremeDSP slice
  • Build real-time video, imaging, wireless, and encryption systems
  • Up to 512 Xtreme DSP slices can be cascaded in a column with consuming additional logic resources
  • 500 MHz System Clocking
  • 1+ Gbps SelectIO parallel I/O
  • 622 Mbps-11.1 Gbps RocketIO transceivers
  • 256 GMACS (18x18) Digital Signal Processing cicuitry
  • 450 MHz, 680 DMIPS PowerPC processing-up to 1,360 DMIPS in a single device
  • 200,000 Logic Cells: implement large SoC designs
  • Embedded Functionality: increase effective logic capacity and decrease device cost
  • Reduced Power Consumption

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